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Desktops & Laptops

Everyone’s computing needs are different. Whether you need a machine to send and receive emails, keep up with friends via the latest social media networks, or the top of the line number-crunching or gaming system, we can help you choose and customize the machine that will suit your needs and desires completely. For home or business desktop use, or for busy on-the-go laptop users, call QCS for a quote on just what machine you’re dreaming of.


We  sell and service, among others, the following:


Dell Vostro All-In-One PC
Dell Precision Workstation PC
Dell Optiplex PC
Dell Latittude laptops
Dell Inspiron laptops
Dell Z Series laptops 
Dell XPS Series PC and laptop
Dell Alienware Gaming laptops 


HP Pavilion Series PCs and laptops
HP Omni Series PCs
HP TouchSmart Series PCs 
HP Folio Series laptops 


ThinkCentre Series PCs and laptops
IdeaCentre Series PCs and laptops
ThinkPad Series laptops
ThinkPad Edge Series laptops
IdeaPad Series laptops
Essential Series Pcs and lapotps 



Veriton Series PCs
Aspire Series laptops
TravelMate laptops
Iconinia Series tablet 



EeePC Series PCs and laptops
G Series laptops
K Series laptops
N Series laptops
P Series laptops
U Series laptops 

Milwaukee PC Custom (SERVICE ONLY)


Satellite laptops
Satellite Pro laptops
Qosmio lapotps
Portege laptops
Tecra laptops 


ID Series laptops
NV Series laptops 
P Series laptops
M Series laptops
SX Series PCs
DX Series PCs
LX Series PCs
FX Series PCs


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