Blue Keep vulnerability hits the nation! Microsoft warns that you MUST patch your system if you haven't!

Blue Keep is a new exploit that can infect your system!



What is it? 

A virus that spreads through the remote desktop protocol that is typically enabled by most computers. If this is open on your computer attackers have the potential to gain access to administrative rights on the system such as changing and removing data, creating false user profiles, or even spreading to other devices within your network. 

How do I defend against it? 

QCS has professional technicians that can come to your home or business and ensure the security of your devices and network. We also highly recommend upgrading your system to the most recent operating system (Windows 10) in order to get the most up to date security patches and features. Other ways to help protect your device is to disable any unnecessary services, blocking port 3389 and enabling network level authentication on Windows Server machines. Not sure how to do these things? Call QCS! Click the link below to get started!




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