Coronavirus, Remote Access, and You


With the rapid spread of the Coronavirus, many people have questions about how it’s going to affect their daily lives. “How am I going to get my work done?” or “How are my kids going to continue their education?” are common questions we are all asking ourselves. Between school and work closures, the very fabric of our lives has been thrown into chaos. Despite the circumstances, some of us will still be required to “come to work” in a very 21st century sort of way. Remote Access of a work or school computer could become the new normal for many of us.

Remote Access is the ability to log into a school or work computer from a remote location. This allows you to access the functions of an at work PC, all from the comfort of your home. Report due on Friday? No problem. You can finish up that report while you binge your favorite Netflix shows. You can attend a meeting in your pajamas even. There’s no more rushing around to get ready in the morning because your office is wherever your PC or Laptop is set up.

How does one go about setting up Remote Access for themselves at home? It can be a bit daunting sometimes as this is a pretty new concept for some people. Give us a call at Quality Computer Services where we have the experts who can get your Remote Access all set up in a quick and timely manner. We also offer solutions for small businesses who need a way for their employees to work from home. Give us a call today at 414-963-9696!




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