Laser Printer Cleaning and Maintenance

Laser printers are the workhorse of your office, printing thousands of pages per year. Your laser printer is an investment, and it requires proper care and maintenance.

It's important to perform regular maintenance on your laser printer to ensure it continues to run properly. Lack of maintenance can cause paper jams and result in poor print quality, smudges, streaks and light print.

For the most part, laser printers require very little maintenance. In between professional service and maintenance there are several things you can check yourself to keep your printer running as expected.

General Do It Yourself care between service calls:

  • When replacing a toner cartridge, carefully inspect interior chassis of printer for torn paper bits, after the empty cartridge is removed.
  • Use a computer vacuum to carefully clean vacuum any toner, dust or paper bits inside.
  • Examine pick-up roller and clean with slightly damp cloth.
  • Clean exterior of printer with a damp cloth.

 The Fuser and Laser Printer Maintenance

You frequently replace toner cartridges, so there's little chance they will cause a problem. When they do, just replace the cartridge with a new one.

The fuser, however, is a part of the laser printer which is destined to fail. The fuser gets extremely hot and is responsible for adhering the toner to the paper. The faster the printer, the hotter the fuser. The heat can cause the fuser’s drum wear out. You will see marks on your print outs and it is impossible to fix this without replacing the fuser.

When you need to replace the fuser, call QCS.

We will replace the fuser, and all of the rollers that come with the fuser maintenance kit to get your laser printer working perfect again.


Let QCS Maintain your Printer or Computer!

A Clean Printer is a Happy Printer! 

Have a printer technician come service your machine today! We can make it run like it came straight out of the box! Same with your PC or Mac. Over time temporary files and unwanted data can bog down your machine. Have a PC technician clean up your PC or upgrade you to a Solid State Drive!



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