QCS is now offering Remote Repair Sessions!

Things are beginning to change in regards to our daily lives. Simple trips to the grocery store have become a mad dash for canned goods while people climb over one another for that last roll of toilet paper. Many people’s sense of normalcy has been shattered and uprooted in just a short amount of time. Has this become our new normal? When will be able to enjoy a meal or a drink with friends again? Questions like these don’t have an answer right now. We’re beginning to live in a world of complete uncertainty.  

So, some of us might run into situations where we’ll need someone to enter our homes in order to make a repair or service a piece of equipment in our offices. Of course, certain things still have to be done in person. A mechanic can’t diagnose and repair your vehicle without you being there in person. A technician for a cable company would still have to enter your home in order to provide the service in which they were summoned. And while there are several modes for delivery of groceries, many people still prefer doing their shopping in person.

Where does that leave your PC and Apple Products? Here at Quality Computer Services, we are doing everything we can in order to avoid the spread of Covid-19 amongst our customers. This includes offering a Remote Repair service where we can diagnose and repair Software issues and you never have to leave the comfort of your home or office.

How does this amazing technology work? It’s actually pretty simple. Using the internet, we ask you to download a small program that will allow one of our technicians to access and use your computer from our office here in Bayside. You can remain on the phone with the technician and actually watch what they are doing on your computer in order to offer peace of mind. Nothing is saved on our end, and the technician will not be able to access your computer once the session is done. Remote Repair is available where needed, as not all computer issues can be solved by a Remote Repair session. An example of this would be a failed piece of hardware such as a hard drive or graphics card.

Give us a call today at (414)963-9696 to set up an appointment for a Remote Repair session! Quality Computer Services is dedicated to providing our customers with speedy and timely service. We are YOUR solution for computer, printer, and copier problems.


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